…So this is Rose…

We met in December 2010.

We (Analaigh n’ Mama) almost didn’t bring her home.

The night Analaigh and Rose met they wrestled non-stop for the 2 hours we visited.

Rose (all 12 pounds) and Analaigh (all 60 pounds).

Didn’t matter.

This is Rose.





…and ready to play…

I didn’t know if I could get use to having a puppy around the house.

Life with A was peaceful, Rose was a tornado.

Rose is the most endearing, easy to love, enjoyable to be around dog that I have ever met.

I don’t know how Analaigh and I managed to smile without her.


Now it is the 3 of us. Our mission: to show the world that it is not the breed.

We are Goodwill Pibble Ambassadors.

Book us for events and we will show you what lots of love, lots of exercise, lots of training, and lots of hard work can do.

15 thoughts on “Rose

  1. hyperhege says:

    How adorable!! I love your dogs. Pitbulls are illegal to own here in Norway..Since 1991, I think. Which is very sad. It’s so obvious that it’s not the breed that is “evil”, but that it’s the way they are (mis)treated that make them dangerous to their surroundings sometimes. I’ve seen labradors attack small children after growing up in the wrong homes too..

    • Thank you so much! I got incredibly lucky with these girls. Pitbull bans are so wrong to me. Not just because I have two wonderfully, loving dogs but exactly like you said, even the breed you think is the “friendliest” can be scary. It’s important not to regulate what dogs can live where but what people can live with them. It’s about making sure that the people who have pets are responsible with them. I volunteer occasionally at a local shelter walking dogs. It will never cease to amaze me how much love and affection these dogs continue to have (more often than not) regardless of the awful situation that brought them there in the first place. I attribute shelter dogs with teaching me how to be a more forgiving person to the disgustingness that is humanity sometimes.

      • hyperhege says:

        Yes, I agree completely. That’s great what you do. I would help out at the Animal shelter here if I was healthier. I love animals. I know it’s not exactly the same but I rescued my cat from a bad home when he was just a couple of weeks old. The guy that owned him was a drug addict and he let the cats just roam free with minimal attention, little and wrong food and no visits to a vet.. so when i got Pixel home he got pneumonia the first week, and they heard a heart murmur. I was told he would probably not make it. I sat up with him every night feeding him a little bit of water, medicine and watered down kittenfood and he made it through! He is now four year old. When he was a kitten he would bite me when he didn’t get enough attention and people said I should put him down. But I wouldn’t, first of all he is my little baby and also I felt like he deserved a second chance. He hasn’t tried to bite me in almost a year now!

        • That’s really great. I don’t know what it is about animals that allows them to be so resilient but it’s incredible to me. Sometimes it is not possible to bring them back from whatever horror they have experienced but it seems to me that mor often than not patience, love, and kindness can cure almost any of their ailments. I wish it was so easy for me.

          I read an article, which I believe is linked under Analaigh’s page about an awful story that took place locally. Mom woke up one day and told her son, “Get rid of the dog. I don’t want it anymore.” So the boy took it outside and beat the dog with a heavy chain. When he thought the dog was dead he started to walk back inside. Dutifully, the dog got up and started to follow its owner.

          One of the reasons, they say, that pitbulls make such *great* fighting dogs is their ability to form strong canine-human bonds and their intense desire to please. So an owner need only show the dog “This is what I want of you. This will make me happy.” For that dog to keep getting up and keep fighting, even to death. Owners will walk around the pits in order to stay in eye-sight of the dog to use this bond to further this agenda.

          To me, that’s…I can’t even put into words. Unfathomable.

  2. hyperhege says:

    I read that story and it just makes me want to cry. I think it’s horrible. Many animals are like that, loyal to the very end, even if mistreated. That someone could even think of exploiting that wonderful quality is beoynd me.
    We don’t have animal police here in Norway unfortunately. I mean we do have something like the ASPCA but they are very restricted in what they can do to the owners of an animal even when the animal has clearly been abused. They do take the animal from the owner though.
    A little off topic but I couldn’t help but notice you live in Pennsylvania. I visited distant relatives there in 2000. They live in this little town called Doylestown, some of them had moved to Philadelphia though. I haven’t had much contact with them for many years now unfortunately.

  3. hyperhege says:

    Wow, it really is a small world afterall then. The ride in Disney World is creepy but I guess what they try to convey is nice 🙂 Well I haven’t spoken to any of them in almost ten years now. Maybe I should try to contact them, from what I remember they are nice people.

    I feel like I am kind of flooding your nice page about Rose with this, I don’t mean to do that.

  4. Cara says:

    Oh. My. Goodness. Can I adopt your dogs??? PLEASE? Or at least can I come over to your house and just cuddle with them? I love love love pitbulls! I watch “Pit Boss” religiously and have such a soft spot for that breed 🙂

  5. melissa gray says:

    Love your blog, just stumbled upon it as I dip my toes into the world of blogging! I run a Retriever rescue in South Carolina for older (six years and older) Retrievers and Retriever mixes, but have a very soft spot in my heart for all the bully breeds! A friend of mine just rescued a deaf pittie which prompted me to make her a pink pearl necklace to show that she is super friendly and not ‘scary’ – am now working on other necklaces for rescued pits … “pretty pitties in pink”. Breed profiling and banning is terrifying and needs to stop – thank you for being a voice for these precious souls! Check out my blog if you get a chance – choosingbalance – I featured a 9 year old adorable husky/shepherd mix today 🙂

    Keep up the great work, I’ll be following your journey!

    • Thank you for stopping by with such kind words. I agree breed bans have to stop. It merely okays fear and hate to be legitimized and that is NEVER okay. I will certainly be stopping by. Good luck on your new blogging adventures.

  6. Rayya says:

    Analaigh & Rose are just too adorable. Especially loved the picture with them cuddling! I think you and your babies are great ambassadors for the pitbulls & I hope you manage to educate as much of the public as possible. I am totally against discrimination against any breed of animal. I love your 365 project.

    • Thank you so much! My girls are really cute and are winning people over all the time. Our biggest hurdle was my folks. My dad was angry the first day I brought a 12 week old Analaigh home for a visit and the last time I was home Rose was licking his nose as he laughed and said “If you’d have said a year ago I’d have my face this close to a pitbull, I’d have thought you were crazy.” I’ve walked into the room and overheard my mom pointing out how well behaved they are to others questioning, while sitting protectively near and petting them as if to defend their honor. If no one else learns how sincerely it is not about the breed, I will be happy because winning my parents over was not something I ever thought possible.

  7. Addie says:

    Can I be the fourth snuggler in the last picture? Pretty please?

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