Reply not Requested

Hey, Asshat, I already know I’m in a bad mood. That is why I’m glaring at you. That is why my upper lip is curling as you look in my direction. That is why I bare my teeth to your morning salutation. I had hoped by donning my “I hate you and wish you were dead” look, we could skip this part. No? Okay fine. But if after you say “Gee, you in a bad mood today?” and my fist finds it’s way to your face, I should not be held responsible.

Seriously. When have you ever commented on someone’s bad mood and been met with a positive result? What exactly are you hoping to accomplish by making me aware of your keen observation skills? It can only go one way and I assure you it’s not gonna go your way.

If I’m nice enough to come prepared then you should be nice enough to leave me the hell alone. And, if I go a step further and say “Hey, I’m in a rotten mood today” your witty reply of “Ah, so the usual?”…uh, while cute, will earn you a punch squarely in the throat and I don’t care how long I’ve known you, Joey Kibler!