It’s a Legume-Free World

I know what you are thinking: “Megan, this blog is not nearly busy enough.”

And you are right. It’s just not. There’s not enough going on here what with the music that shaped my life, the pit bull injustices around the world, the people who annoy the hell out of me, my life as a climber, and just me and my life in general. So I thought that to add to the chaos, I would share with you, Dear Readers, another aspect of my life.

As you may, or may not, have read earlier I recently found that I have a few food allergies: soy, barley, hazelnut, almonds, peanuts, and beans. Apparently legumes and I were not intended to be friends. While none of these allergies are life-threatening, given the discomfort that I have been living with that sent me on the journey from which I found such an answer, I have decided it is in my best interest to remove, as completely as possible, these items from my diet.

It’s not a convenient task but it is by no means impossible. Soybean has unfortunately infiltrated just about all processed and prepared food items. The appearance of “soybean oil” has become infinitely more attractive than “vegetable oil” on ingredient labels. Barley and malted barley seems to have found its way into most baked items and wherever it’s not, soy finds its way into the ingredients list. Like I said, not a convenient task but by no means impossible. The solution: fresh, home-cooked food. it’s not the worst solution to a problem I’ve ever heard.

So whenever I try something interesting or fun or just whenever I plain feel like it, I will post my recipes here and let you know what I think of them. It’s not really a “diet” per se it’s just good wholesome food made from real wholesome ingredients.

Note: I typically eat vegetarian but will occasionally use animal byproducts such as eggs, cheese, or milk…especially now that don’t have access to alternative dairy products (I just don’t like coconut milk). Deal with it.