Dear Diary

Dear Diary,

Last night I heard mama talking on the phone. I overheard her saying things like “she’s my nervous Nelly”, “she doesn’t like to walk through shadows”, “she gets startled really easily”, “she doesn’t like loud noises.” I don’t know who Nelly is but she sounds a whole lot like me. Life used to be quiet with just me and mama. Then life handed us roses and it got more exciting, not too, just more. I love my sister. She makes me laugh with her silly tongue. She loves to run and play, just like me.

Lately though, life has gotten a bit too exciting for me…and I’m guessing for Nelly, too. I heard mama say that Nelly moved in with a little boy (just like me) and this little boy loves to laugh and giggle (just like ours) and he drops and throws toys and they come crashing around (samesies, again) and all this crashing keeps Nelly from being able to relax. A couple of times the little boy went running toward her and she got scared and growled.

I was sitting so near, because I wanted mama to be able to pet me if she wanted, and heard a man on the other end of the phone ask, “How committed to her are you?” Mama got this misty look in her eyes and said, “My life is my girls. I brought them into my home to give them a happy and healthy place to live and thrive. They are everything to me. I am 100% committed to her.” Then I heard the man ask, “That is great to hear. What is it you hope to be our outcome?” Mama answered, “I want to learn how to help her be comfortable in our home. I need to learn how to fix it when she’s telling me that she’s not okay.”

After a few more minutes of petting and talking, mama hung up the phone. She looked at me and kissed my nose. Then she told me we have class next Tuesday. I hope Nelly will be there. We have a lot in common. I’ll write more after my class.