Oh the Guilt; Oh the Pleasure

Day 02 — Not including food, blogging or television, what is your most guilty pleasure (this includes chocolate)…

Immediately my mind screamed: “THE GIRLS!” but then I thought I’d better define guilty pleasure, or rather – see how it was defined by others:

“A guilty pleasure is something one enjoys and considers pleasurable despite feeling guilt for enjoying it.” (So says The Wiki)

Oh! Well then my answer is emphatically NOT the girls because I don’t feel one whit of guilt about the pleasure I get from hanging out with them and the rest of y’all can go shit in a hat if you don’t like it. Aren’t you the lucky ones because I know precisely where one goes to find a hat for shittin’ so you let me know if you need one.

Hm…guilty pleasure…guilty pleasure…(stroking chin in thoughtful manner)…

Ahhh…I got it!

I love Miley Cyrus. I think it’s her poppy, smiley nature. I hated her tv show but then again, I didn’t watch it either (Disney’s programming is way hammier than it was when they ran shows I grew up watching like Avonlea).

I netflixed every Miley Cyrus and/or Hannah Montana movie while I was going through the break-up.

(yeah, I just verbed that ((and that)) – deal with it!)

I downloaded her songs to my iPod so I could sing “it’s the CLIIIIIIIMBBBBB” on repeat whenever life was getting me down.

 (at least until the Great Boobsweat Massacre)

When running the radio in my car through SCAN I’ll stop so I can sing along with her.

 (Rose, stop rolling your eyes at me!)
If you know my dad, please don’t out me. I know he owes me a pass for refusing to see Van Halen with me last month because he’s a Hagarist – but this would be more than anyone should be asked to forgive.

Shit…you know what? While I’m at it I might as well cop to this one, too…What can I say? I metamorphized with Metamorphosis.

(yeah, more verbing)

There’s a freeingness that happens when I can sit and turn my brain off. I don’t need it for these two. My brain is soooo tired.