A dream I had

I came upon him or rather, he came upon me, quite by accident. In that way that is mine I dropped my gaze to observe my shoes: pretty, silver sandals.

He is so confident, at ease in his skin. I am so jealous. I have never felt that way.

He is so beautiful with his ease. I close my eyes and breathe in his scent.

I linger with my eyes closed and see a pretty vision of arms and legs tangled in sheets and hear whispered voices in the darkness before dawn.

That’s me, though, losing myself in a moment.

It’s just a dream. He is just a dream. Someone so beautiful would not come to me outside a dream, it would be too cruel.

Outside a dream I would never see beauty.

Outside a dream I would only see fear and I would have never looked up from my pretty, silver sandals.


…something I found tucked in the pages of an old diary, who knows how long it’s been there…well, actually, I do. I remember this man.