…and One Dare


I have enjoyed being so honest these past 30 days with you all. Now for the sticky part…the dare (read about it on Morning Erection).

The choices are as follows:

Category: Youngins
Write a letter to your 16-year-old self and post it. Detail your journey.

Category: Coulda, Shoulda, Wouldas
Write a letter to someone you owe an apology to but never gave one. It does not have to be a long letter. Just write the letter (not email),  send it and then post it for us to see.

Category: Good Eats
Eat completely healthy for an entire day even if it means eating foods you do not care for. Document all failures or start over another day if you mess up.

Category: ARKs
For a 24 hour period, for every act of kindness given to you, pay it forward to a stranger one better.  For example – if a friend buys you a coffee, buy two strangers a cup of coffee. Detail your journey.

Category: Truthiness
For a 24 hour period you must tell the truth in every situation, every question – all day long. Perhaps the most difficult will be not lying to yourself. Detail your journey.

Category: Blushing
Spend an hour by yourself totally naked even if there are other people in the house but only if you won’t get caught. If you get interrupted you must start over and reset the clock to zero minutes. Detail your journey.

I have chosen my poison but I am not ready to share the details of that journey with you yet. I hope you will all continue to stop by as I share another journey that I have been on these past few weeks. One journey begot the other so I’ll get to the dare, I promise.  Just not yet.

Try Me

Day 30 — One question or subject matter if I were asked here on 30 Days of Blogging Honesty I know I would refuse to answer or definitely lie about is…

There is nothing. Try me. As long as the truth is mine to tell, I’ll tell it.

Sure, there are plenty of things I will keep buttoned up like the snacks I keep hidden in my panty drawer. But if someone were to ask specifically, “Hey, Meg, what else do you keep tucked away in your top drawer Mmrrmmm, mmrrmmmmm, mrmmmm?” I’d answer obligingly and then slam my head against a wall in mortification.

If you don’t believe me – Ask me anything. Anything that has not been asked in these 30 days that you would like to know.

…just be sure you want to know the answer…