People, People, People: Who Don’t Take A Hint

I need to come clean.

I am NOT the friendliest person in the world.

Not even in the top 5%

It is okay.

~ Y’ain’t gonna like e’rybody and e’rybody ain’t gonna like you ~

When I don’t like a person I play it real simple:

We don’t talk…


Why would we? I don’t like you?!!?

See? Simple!!! 


So when I’m doing my thang of not liking you ergo not talking to you…

I need you to respect the chasm I’m trying to create here.

No, no, shhhh…

No need to build bridges.

Don’t cross that great divide.

Shed a single tear and go to a better place.

A place (preferably) where I’m not.

A place where you will find people who want to talk to you.