People, People, People: Kony 2012

I have to thank my dear friend Addie for sharing this with me.

 Adds:  have you seen the Kony video?
 Me:  mmmm, whatsat?
 Adds:  Joseph Kony, Uganda rebel leader. Video’s getting viral
 Me:  Oo, no, I know nothing about Joseph Kony
 Adds:  the aim is to make him famous
 Me:  do we want him to be famous?
 Adds:  yes, so they say; the world’s most wanted and must be stopped.
it’s quite long though
it did somehow touched me
but well what do i really know about world peace
 Me:  given the state of the world what does anyone know about world peace?


I will admit, I was confused. Yes we want him famous because he is the world’s most wanted man and must be stopped??

So I clicked the link she sent and when I saw it was 30 minutes long I almost stopped…but I didn’t.

It somehow touched me, too.

Watch it. If it touches you, go here: Invisible Children. I did.