Try Me

Day 30 — One question or subject matter if I were asked here on 30 Days of Blogging Honesty I know I would refuse to answer or definitely lie about is…

There is nothing. Try me. As long as the truth is mine to tell, I’ll tell it.

Sure, there are plenty of things I will keep buttoned up like the snacks I keep hidden in my panty drawer. But if someone were to ask specifically, “Hey, Meg, what else do you keep tucked away in your top drawer Mmrrmmm, mmrrmmmmm, mrmmmm?” I’d answer obligingly and then slam my head against a wall in mortification.

If you don’t believe me – Ask me anything. Anything that has not been asked in these 30 days that you would like to know.

…just be sure you want to know the answer…

About Anonymous Burn

I'm just a girl who has a blog. But I'm kinda groovy, too.

11 thoughts on “Try Me

  1. TemptingSweets99 says:

    LOL! I have to think of a question for you. 🙂 I’m off to go answer this last question. Yay! 😀

  2. Tom Baker says:

    Good morning! The month is over already. I can’t wait to see what dares everyone has or will complete. I’m impressed with not only everyone who kept up with it but was able to finish in the 30 days. I think I will finish on May 4th but not quite sure.

    Being the person that I am (sigh), I have to ask, Meg, what else is tucked away in your top panty drawer! I won’t ask you anything else because I hope you do the February Honesty Month in 2013.

    • I think I will – this has been a lot of fun. Lots of trips down Memory Lane. Lots of new friends. It’s been a real hoot and it happened to come at a time that otherwise – I’d have been blank a month as the dust (a.k.a. life) swirled around my feet.

      My top panty drawer: bras, panties, socks, one family-sized half bag Lays potato chips, 6 bags 3 bags of Haribo gummy bears (last night happened)…oh! and my epi-pens for Caroline‘s son (my soon-to-be charge).

      • Tom Baker says:

        I look forward to February even the more now! I have to get over to Aidan’s blog. I told Caroline that I would go but haven’t had the chance yet. Soon!

        The items in your drawer are tame compared to what I imagined. Bad imagination!

        • I did have “art” but a) I will have to link it later because work wouldn’t approve and b) it got moved since I’ve been living out of boxes with the bare necessities the month of April.

  3. wildcatnova says:

    I totally thought it would be sex toys. I’m disappointed.

  4. Sofia says:

    Ooooh I like this answer. 🙂

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