My7DayDiet: Day 3

Re-cap: Vegetable day was pretty easy. Vegetables always fill me up and I eat delicious vegetable combinations all the time so what to make was pretty easy. My kale and spinach salad wasn’t bad. Kale has a really earthy flavor to me which was unexpected but not bad, not bad at all. I took the pups out for our regular afternoon walk which is generally about 4 miles but I felt a bit off, as I had expected. We wrapped it up only doing 2 miles. I was supposed to hit the gym for a climbing session but after our jaunt around the park I didn’t feel it would be a good idea. Bummer. Next week though…next week.

The idea that there is something that I can’t have is driving my cravings, though. This is why I don’t diet, I just eat better. Anywhoo…I’ve been day dreaming about a Twix bar and gummy bears all day…and then I ordered these:

Actually, I ordered the Pumpkin and Chocolate. Whatever. Don’t judge me! They are Raw Vegan Treats (see Raw is Sexy in ma recommended sites –>) aaaaand they won’t ship until January 10th which will be after I’m done the detox.

So I think things are going pretty well but it’s a good idea to keep exercise pretty low-key for the week which makes sense.

Today is Day 3: Fruit and Vegetable Day! Whoopie!!

I made enough fruit salad for day 1 to carry me through (I’m a planner) and same with yesterday’s vegetable day. Which is pretty awesome because I didn’t have any rushing around for prep the night before. Woot!

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4 thoughts on “My7DayDiet: Day 3

  1. Pumpkin and chocolate don’t sound bad at all! Cool post there! Do drop by my space to check out my savoury tartlets, I’d love to hear from you. And happy new year!

  2. Cara says:

    You are doing fabulous! Keep it up, sister 🙂 Loving the raw treats–man, if that is a splurge then I hate to tell you what I splurge on a daily basis 🙂 hehe Happy New Year. xo

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