My7DayDiet: Day 7

Recap: Day 6 as I suspected was easy, peasy. I woke up with the alarm at 4:30 feeling mostly rested. I’m not gonna lie, I probably would have hit the snooze until 5am just ’cause if Analaigh hadn’t been up most of the night hacking. When the alarm went off it signaled an okay to let Mama know exactly the extent of her distress. She was scared and I think having an allergic reaction to something so I gave her some benadryl and waited…after she stopped trying to cough up something not there and was able to eat breakfast, I geared up and headed out into the darkness to walk a few miles.

What to do better: More pants next time, my bum nearly froze off.

The rest of the day was groovy. I had some hard boiled eggs and my vegetable medley. I forgot snacks for work so that was a big of a bummer but one I survived.

I’m feeling pretty good and we are down to the last day now.

Bring it, Day 7: Fruit, Vegetables, and Juices

Today’s menu says that 1/2 cup of brown rice is allowed but not recommended. I’m not in this for weight loss, the reason for which it’s not recommended, but I doubt I’ll imbibe. I haven’t needed any extras the rest of the week to help me along so what’s special about this day? I’ll have some on hand in case it turns out to be necessary, though.

Check back tomorrow – Day 8: The Day After the Last Day and I’ll recap my weeks progress and my overall feelings.

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2 thoughts on “My7DayDiet: Day 7

  1. Addie says:

    Fingers crossed for Day 8. 😀

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